Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost for your services?

Answer: Persnickety Lawns takes pride in what we offer to our customers – and it shows with every job that we do. We provide pricing for each of our clients on a customized basis depending on the specific services requested and the time required to execute these tasks effectively. There are multiple things to consider when pricing each project, including initial work required, ongoing maintenance needs, and special considerations based on the property. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation and estimate for your property.

What is aeration and do we need it?

Answer: Lawn aeration is a process by which plugs of soil and thatch are removed from a lawn to promote the exchange of air between the soil and roots. It is a process that Persnickety Lawns only recommends if a lawn truly needs it. Soil compaction can come about as the result of a variety of factors, from the natural effects of weather to other causes such as walking or playing on the lawn, or the use of heavy equipment during a period of construction. When a lawn is compacted, infiltration of water into the soil becomes restrained, and the roots do not function optimally. This can all be avoided with timely lawn aeration.

Do you offer weed control?

Answer: Yes – absolutely! Regular lawn and garden maintenance is important for the overall health of your property, but problems with weeds can offset any progress you may be trying to accomplish. Persnickety Lawns takes an experienced approach to weed control and we provide regularly scheduled fertilizing and herbicide applications to promote vigorous growth and to control persistent weeds. Additionally our applicators follow IPM (Integrated Pest Management) standards, which provide us with a framework to treat your lawn with a minimum of harmful chemicals. At Persnickety Lawns we only use these applications when we identify a need.

How often do you service our property?

Answer: Every property is somewhat unique for maintenance requirements. While many of our clients will have us in a couple of times each season to clean up their properties and get everything organized for the upcoming seasons, others will have us attend to their property on a very regular basis to ensure that everything is kept in pristine condition. Depending upon our client’s requests and requirements we will customize a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your situation.

How specific can we get with our requests?

Answer: While many of our clients have learned to let us “run with our ideas” and design their gardens and landscaping accordingly, other Pernickety clients have a very specific plan in mind. We are happy to work with you to customize your property as you see fit, and we will be sure to offer suggestions along the way as needed to make the process as excellent as possible!

What are our payment options?

Answer: Persnickety Lawns is happy to accept payment in a variety of forms. We currently accept payment in cheque, and e-transfers.

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