Lawn Aeration

Professional Lawn Aeration in Edmonton

Lawn aeration is only one of the aspects of comprehensive yard maintenance services offered by Persnickety Lawns. Servicing residents of Edmonton and the surrounding areas, we take special measures with each of our residential and commercial properties to give them the unique care they need.

Sometimes a yard, due to a variety of factors including natural forces such as rainfall, can suffer from soil compaction. Lawn aeration can be beneficial when this happens. It is a relatively common process but one that should only be trusted to experienced professionals with appropriate equipment.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is quite simply a mechanical process by which plugs of soil and thatch are removed from a lawn to promote the exchange of air between the soil and roots. It is a process that Persnickety Lawns only recommends if a lawn truly needs it. This is one of the benefits that residents of Edmonton have come to expect from our company. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and we will only recommend complete lawn aeration if your yard is genuinely compacted and in need of care.

Soil compaction can come about as the result of a variety of factors, from the natural effects of weather to artificial causes such as walking or playing on the lawn, or the use of heavy equipment during a period of construction. When a lawn is compacted, infiltration of water into the soil becomes restrained, and the roots do not function optimally. This can all be avoided with timely lawn aeration. Trust the professionals at Persnickety Lawns to help you determine what lawn care may be required for your yard to be optimally healthy and attractive.

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